Who we are

Audiovisual language is an essential part of communication. Technology is key in the XXI century. Contents are messages that define us, that inform us, that move us. That is how we understand our role in the audiovisual industry in FACTORIA. Human and professional effort come together to connect our clients with all kinds of audiences.


FACTORÍA is a solid business project which produces television contents and multimedia platforms.. FACTORÍA belongs to HENNEO, the tenth biggest group in the Spanish audiovisual industry, which not only focuses on production and distribution, but also deals with everything the client needs. HENNEO is able to offer a complete service and to adapt its services to the necessities of each client. They offer creative, modern and flexible solutions. Creative solutions that have an impact on the public.Original solutions with a personalised style.


The audiovisual sector is fluid and is constantly developing, this is why FACTORIA believes in strategic alliances between the different sectors of the industry. FACTORÍA has sealed an agreement with TELEFÓNICA to produce contents. HENNEO’s  partners are part of PRISA and VOCENTO. The idea is to put talent together and to open new markets. FACTORÍA has a global perspective and its aim is to expand nationally and internationally. This strategy has lead them to be present at some of the most relevant festivals in the Spanish audiovisual sector.


Since its foundation in 2007, FACTORÍA has grown to become a reference in the Spanish audiovisual industry, with offices in Zaragoza, Madrid, Mérida, Oviedo and Toledo.It currently produces 3.500 hours of television contents per year, delivered to a wide range of television channels across the country.  FACTORÍA produces entertainment shows, talk shows, documentaries, game shows, talent shows and live television. Its main focus is factual television, producing more that 1.100 hours of factual television per year, making it the top production company for this format.


The amount of work FACTORÍA carries out, proves its capability and financial solvency. Work carried out by motivated and compromised professionals who use the latest technology in the audiovisual industry. FACTORIA has even created its own R&D department, which designs new formats and studies the television trends.


All this makes FACTORIA a solid company with a reliable growth model and a different perspective for the future. It is a project distinguished by its adaptability to cater the different needs of its clients, a company which has the tools and abilities to make unique contents: it is the FACTORÍA brand, which offers a different vision when it comes to communicating what defines us, what informs us, what moves us.

The best gift we can give him to another is not only to share our wealth, if not rebelarle own.

Benjamin Disraeli

The future and the past stringing torture. Do not let this slip away.

Gustave Flaubert

If you want different results, do not do the same.

Albert Einstein